Global South Impact Fund

Goal: Provide donations to students and researchers whose projects contribute to the energy transition in Global South countries.
Founded by: Nick Dessens MSc Energy Science and Innovation and Prof. dr. Ernst Worrell Professor of Energy and Raw Materials at the Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development at Utrecht University

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Climate change

Climate change is affecting the whole world and it is common knowledge that the effects are greater and more severe in the less developed regions of the world, also known as the Global South. Helping initiate the energy transition in the Global South is important not only for the prosperity of those regions themselves, but for the whole world. If we collectively fail to get the energy transition right in this part of the world, it will lead to further environmental and social problems.  

Energy transition

Engagement of the West in this energy transition is indispensable, but vice versa, we cannot do without these countries either. They play a crucial role in the energy transition because of the growth they are experiencing. If large groups of people are going to reach the level of prosperity of the West, it must be done in a sustainable way. It is therefore a joint responsibility to thus get rid of inefficient use of energy and materials while taking everyone's interests into account and reduce our ecological footprint worldwide.  

Students hold the key to a brighter future. They have the potential to introduce practical technologies and innovations to the Global South that can be effectively implemented and advanced by its people.

Nick Dessens

What can students do?

We need to look further than we do now, and that is where the founder of the new fund, Nick Dessens, sees a big role for today's students. The fund funds students whose research contributes practically and actively to energy transition in the Global South. For example, by partnering with local stakeholders and policymakers and/or sharing knowledge and technology in those places. "With the rapid growth of the Global South, now is the time to share our knowledge and technologies to avoid making the same mistakes there that the West has made." 

Grant applications possible from May 1 to 15, 2024

The first round of grant applications in this fund is open. Both students and employees can apply for grants in the Global South Impact Fund from May 1 through May 15, 2024 through the new application portal. Before submitting an application, please read the criteria carefully and make sure they are incorporated into your application.

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