Friends of Humanities Utrecht University

Goal: advance humanities education and research at Utrecht University
Founded by: Faculty of Humanities

Photo: Ed van Rijswijk

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The Faculty of Humanities at Utrecht University works towards a better world and provides the academic education of students and the training of new generations of researchers. The faculty's research is groundbreaking and contributes to the solution of current social issues, such as gender equality, multilingualism, religion, peace processes and scientific integrity.

The Faculty of Humanities covers four areas of knowledge:

  • History and Art History
  • Languages, Literature and Communication
  • Media and Culture Studies
  • Philosophy and Religious Studies

The Friends of the Utrecht Humanities Fund, founded on 18 June 2019, helps the faculty achieve its goal and finances scholarships and various research and educational projects.

Which students and researchers are eligible for grants?

The fund provides grants and scholarships to students and researchers of the Faculty of Humanities and finances (parts of) education and research programmes.

Utrecht Excellence Scholarships

In times of globalisation of education and research and the internationalisation of the job market, it is important to create an international classroom within the Humanities’ studies. To achieve this, Friends of Humanities Utrecht University awards Utrecht Excellence Scholarships to excellent, international students who have applied for a Master's degree and do not have the means to study in Utrecht.

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