First-Generation Fund

Your transition, your decision

Goal: To support (future) students who are the first in their family to study at Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht.
Initiator: Charisma Hehakaya

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If you are the first in your family to go to university, the so-called 'first-generation student', it is usually more difficult to find your way around. Charisma Hehakaya also experienced this when she started studying. Now that she is obtaining her doctorate, she would like to give knowledge, experience and financial support to these students. She has taken the initiative to establish the First-Generation Fund together with the Utrecht University Fund.

Charisma Hehakaya oprichter van het Eerste-Generatie Fonds

With the First-Generation Fund, Charisma Hehakaya wants to encourage (future) students, who are the first in their family to study, to get the most out of their talents. By providing small grants, by inspiring them and by letting them talk to current and former first-generation-students. The goal is to raise a total of €100,000 in 2021 and 2022, so that we can make a difference in the years thereafter for students who need it. 

Please help!

To build this wonderful fund, we desperately need your support. Help us to build a sustainable fund for first-generation-students. You can help in many ways. You can contribute financially with a one-time donation through our crowdfunding page or on an ongoing basis with a periodic donation.

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Help as a volunteer or inspirer! 

Are you a first-generation student yourself? Join the First-Generation Community. You can contribute as a mentor, by sharing your story, by offering a listening ear, it's all possible. Sign up by sending an email to, we would love to call on you in the future.

Who is eligible for a grant?

Students who are the first in their family to study at Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht. These can be bachelor and master students, but also students who continue from HBO to university.

What does the First-Generation Fund offer?

  1. Grants for first-generation students at Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht. As soon as the fund capital is sufficient they can apply for a contribution to various requests for help, such as a laptop, training for teaching skills or study or research stays abroad.

  2. As soon as the fund capital is sufficient, a programme will start in which (former) first-generation students will share their stories about themselves, their student days and their work. For inspiration, to ask questions and in the form of mentoring.

Need subsidy or advice?

Are you a first-generation student and do you need a grant, then this is not yet possible from the First-Generation Fund. But there are other opportunities. Send a message to with your request for help. Clearly state how much you need for what. Your request will of course be handled confidentially. We hope to start accepting applications for the First-Generation Fund as soon as possible. 

First-generation-students should not experience financial or other barriers during their studies. The beauty of this fund is that it will do something about this and therefore have an impact on the lives of these students.

Dr. Jeroen Janssen

Our ambassadors