Corona crisis

Acute financial distress due to the corona crisis

Draag bij aan morgen

If you are a student at Utrecht University and you have financial problems as a result of the corona crisis and you are not eligible for existing schemes, you may be eligible for a contribution from the Utrecht University Fund.

What can you ask for support for?
You can request support to provide for your livelihood or to meet acute medical costs that are not covered by the health insurance.

How can you submit an application?
We will handle the resources with care and that is why the applications are not just accepted. We would like to know the following from you:

  1. Name, student number and telephone number
  2. Which shortage was caused by which corona measure?
  3. What do you need the support for and what is the amount you need for it?
  4. Can we share your application with the student counselor?

Send the application to

What does the financial support look like?
The student counselors of Utrecht University advise on the assessment of the applications. For example, they look at whether there are other schemes that you could use and whether there are already other requests for support at the university. If the financial need is very urgent, we can quickly make a small contribution. You will initially receive this amount as an interest-free loan from the Utrecht University Fund. With a positive decision, this interest-free loan is converted into a gift.

How long does the procedure take?
We try to help you as quickly as possible and strive to provide everyone with answers within a week.

If you have any questions, please send a message to Don't forget to mention your phone number.