Subsidies for students

Studying is more than acquiring relevant knowledge. Young people lay a foundation for the rest of their lives during their studies. Thanks to donations from Friends and donors, approximately 80,000 euros is available annually to subsidize activities for and by Utrecht students.

Do you want to apply for subsidy?

Both study, sports and student associations and individual students can apply for a subsidy for extracurricular activities. Examples are study trips, symposia, cultural and sports activities and social initiatives.

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Are you a Student Friend?

One of the conditions for applying for a subsidy is that you are a student friend of the Utrecht University Fund yourself. Fortunately, it only costs ten euros a year and you also get a nice Utrecht University hoodie as a welcome gift! Be quick, because the hoodies for new Friends are limited!

Become Student Friend of the Utrecht University Fund

Submit your application to the student committee

The student committee of the Utrecht University Fund (STUF) handles grant applications. This year the student committee consists of: Micha van Voorst, Frank Woutersen, Romy van den Driessche, Patrick Heuvelman and Arend van Noort. Do you need advice or do you have any questions? There is a consultation hour every Friday afternoon from 11:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Drop by in room 0.36 in the Administration Building at 8 Heidelberglaan or call (+31)30 - 2539628 or send an email to

Student committee

Ever thought about crowdfunding?

Utrecht University and the Utrecht University have an online platform where you can raise money for your project yourself. 

De Universiteit Utrecht en het Utrechts Universiteitsfonds hebben een online crowdfundingsplatform waarop je zélf geld kunt werven voor je project. Would you like advice or tips about crowdfunding? The student committee of the Utrecht University Fund is happy to help you.

Start your own crowdfunding

A number of named funds affiliated with the Utrecht University Fund also offer the option to apply for a subsidy or financing.

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