Let ALL students feel welcome and at home at Utrecht University. The Diversity: Intake & Selection Project (DIS) has the goal of making new students' intake and admission processes more inclusive. DIS is a part of the EDI programme (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion). EDI is a programme founded to contribute to increasing equality, diversity and inclusion within the university.

The project is currently in the second phase. This phase is meant to meet the needs that have come forth from the research projects and interviews during the first phase of the project. An example of this is the current ongoing development of a knowledge platform. This platform is meant as a resource for everyone involved in informing prospective students. Besides that, an e-module has been developed to improve awareness of unconscious biases.

Besides that, there have been multiple theme meetings during this second phase. These themes are based on the need for knowledge on the theme.

The project has entered its final phase and will organise an event in October during Diversity Month. With this event, the project will come to a festive end by means of workshops and interviews, among other things, after which the knowledge gathered during this project can be concretely used in daily operations.

In this interview, Communications Consultant and former member of the DIS Project Team Irene Mol tells about the experiences gained during Phase 1 of the project.