Let ALL students feel welcome and at home at Utrecht University. The Diversity: Intake & Selection project (DIS) has the goal of making new students' intake and admission processes more inclusive. From 2021 to 2025, many bachelor's and master's programmes are again actively working on this, in the second phase of the project.

The DIS project group organises various activities to support the study programmes and also enters into discussions with study programmes (per group). In addition, the student members are working on creating a knowledge platform and an e-module for students involved in recruitment. They also hold talks with students on this topic.

Communication advisor and member of the project team Irene Mol talks in this in this interview about the experiences (phase 1) up to now and the plans for the next four years.

Theme meetings until summer 2022

  • April 14 12.30-14.00: Hoe inclusief is de UU in representatie op open dagen en hoe kunnen wij hier in groeien?
  • 17 May 11.00-12.30: What types of diversity would you like to gain insight into? Which opportunities are (un)available?
  • June 13, 11:00-12:30: Diversity in inflow in the master's programmes.

A number of meetings will also be organised in the fall. More information will be provided later.