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The UURainbow network is a starting network within Utrecht University which represents LGBT+ employees, students, alumni and friends. The UURainbow network strives to contribute to making LGBT+ employees feel at home in the UU community. It does so by promoting social acceptance, supporting people to be visibly themselves and helping create the conditions for a safe environment within the university.

The UURainbow network aims to be a platform for issues concerning employees who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex or otherwise sex- and/or gender diverse. It approaches these issues from an intersectional perspective. The UURainbow network is established by a diverse group of UU employees from different departments and faculties.

The network works together with the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, LGBT+ student organization U.H.S.V. Antheros and other partners when appropriate.

The UURainbow network aims to be a recognizable platform for UU LGBT+ employees, but it does in no way claim to represent all LGBT+ people within the university. The network invites all employees it may concern to participate in events or in organizing them. Do you want to organize something that you feel is appropriate for our UU community? Please contact us via uurainbow@uu.nl.

Do you have a question concerning the accessibility of a specific event? Please contact us via uurainbow@uu.nl.


Upcoming events:

  • Wednesday 1 May: City walk;
  • Saturday 1 June: Utrecht Canal Pride (more information coming soon).