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12 April 2018
The Law, Economics and Governance International Talent Scholarships offer a number of highly talented prospective students the opportunity to pursue a degree.
Studentenplatform Onbeperkt Studeren
5 April 2018
On March 15 2018 the student platform Unhindered Studying was founded during a networking afternoon for UU and HU students with disabilities.
Platform Onbeperkt Studeren
19 March 2018
Annetje Ottow's derde vlog gaat over diversiteit. Ze maakte de vlog op de netwerkbijeenkomst voor studenten met een functiebeperking.
Linda Senden, hoogleraar Europees Recht.
8 March 2018
Countries with tough rules on the number of women at the top are more successful, says Linda Senden, professor of European Law and gender equality expert.
Vrouwelijke hoogleraar
26 February 2018
At Utrecht University, 39 female professors were appointed during the Johanna Westerdijk Anniversary. The percentage of female professors rose to 24.2%.