News and calendar - diversity

This page contains news and events regarding diversity and inclusion at Utrecht University. The Diversity Task Force also has its own newsletter


6 August 2018
What is the current state of acceptance of homosexuality in the Netherlands? Four questions for John de Wit, Professor of Social and Behavioural Sciences
Het logo van Athena's Angels - 4 women in academia.
18 June 2018
In this Father's Day movie, five top-level scientist men observe scientific operations through their daughters' eyes.
Utrecht Canal Pride 2018
11 June 2018
On Saturday 16 June, a UU-boat participated in the Utrecht Canal Pride. The crew was a diverse group of people, consisting of employees, students and alumni.
ECHO Award
7 June 2018
Three UU students are nominated for the ECHO Award 2018, an initiative of the Expertise centrum Diversiteitsbeleid.
24 May 2018
Researchers have tested the effectiveness of ten anti-bullying programmes. They conclude that four programmes actually reduce bullying.