Utrecht University is an organisation where cooperation and trust are central and where employees and students enjoy working and studying.

Utrecht University stimulates diversity and inclusion within education, research and the organisation.

A diverse community of students and teachers contributes to an inspiring and challenging learning environment. In addition, this is a good preparation for working in a pluriform society.

Diversity enriches the academic debate and contributes to an intensive cooperation and exchange with social organisations.

Utrecht University considers it important to contribute to bridging opposites and creating equal opportunities for all.


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30 October 2018
We process it more easily when a woman performs a male activity than when a man performs a female activity.
Interview inclusiecorrespondenten
8 October 2018
The inclusion correspondents interview Lex van de Burgt, janitor in the depot of the University Museum.
Linda Senden, hoogleraar Europees Recht.
5 October 2018
California requires listed companies to appoint a woman on the board. Three questions to Linda Senden, expert European gender equality.
Coming Out Dag 2017
4 October 2018
Utrecht University, together with HU University of Applied Sciences and LGBT+ student association Anteros organizes various activities.
Prijswinnaar Avin Ghedri (midden) poseert met Berent Prakken, Annetje Ottow, Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven en Gönül Dilaver
21 September 2018
Avin Ghedri wins the ECHO Award 2018 for her contribution to uniting groups with both Western and non-Western backgrounds




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A Conference on Ethos and Partisanship.
16 March 2019 09:30 - 16:00
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