LITMUS-NL: online language tests for multilingual children

Logopediste oefent spraak met kind

About 1 in 20 children has a congenital developmental language disorder (DLD). If a multilingual child has problems using language, it is difficult to determine whether these problems are caused by DLD or limited language exposure. LITMUS (‘Language Impairment Testing in MUltilingual Settings’) tests have been developed to improve the identification of DLD in multilingual children. LITMUS-NL is the Dutch adaptation of these language tests and are part of the UU-DAB online environment.

In this project, we collaborate with researchers from Utrecht University, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and speech-language therapists across the Netherlands. Conducting a usability and a feasibility study, we prepare LITMUS-NL for implementation in clinical practice.

Researchers involved


This project is being carried out in cooperation with:

  • Hogeschool Utrecht Lectorate Speech therapy
  • Speech therapy and audiology Thomas More
  • Various speech therapy practices


This project is funded by K.F. Heinfonds/U-fonds and Dynamics of Youth.