The INTAKE project is a collaborative study of Utrecht University, child care and education provider Peuter & Co and the municipality of Rotterdam. The project concerns an exploratory research into the feasibility and potential of a combined intake and child monitoring system to follow the development of children participating in early childhood education and care programs and to determine the impact of these programs on child outcomes. A series of playful tasks is developed that can be administered at 2 years of age and subsequent ages until age 6, shortly before formal primary education starts. In this way, the development of children can be monitored in the domains of language, executive functions, self-control, motor exploration and creativity, social-emotional welbeing and behavior. A number of sub-projects have been initiated to assess the validity, reliability and feasibility of the INTAKE instrument.


Collaboration partners

  • Childcare organisation Peuter & Co 
  • Municipality of Rotterdam.


This project is funded by the municipality of Rotterdam.