Baby met speeltjes kruipt over de vloer

In the GODIVA project, Gross motor development of infants using home-video registration with the Alberta Infant Motor Scale (AIMS), a method was developed and tested with which paediatric physiotherapists can follow the motor development of young children via film footage made by parents.

The video method was further developed in the GoAPP (in Dutch) study for application in paediatric physiotherapy practice. We have applied the method in two long-term studies (GODIVA-KIT and GODIVA-PIT) in which healthy children and children born prematurely were followed from birth to independent walking.

Involved researcher


This project is carried out in cooperation with HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (in Dutch).

Social Relevance

Lagging behind in motor development of (prematurely born) babies can have serious consequences later on. Research project GODIVA developed a method and an app for paediatric physical therapists to monitor the motor development of babies up to the moment they start walking. The UU (Marian Jongmans, DEEDS department) stood at the basis of this idea and supervises (ongoing) scientific research.


This project is funded by the NWO Teacher Fellowship and SIA-RAAk grants.