Teaching Approach

The way the Pharmacy programme is taught has benefited from the insights of qualified educationalists and educational psychologists. These insights into effective and optimal learning, combined with the demands and aims of an academic professional leadership, have led to a curriculum with the following characteristics:

  • The teaching programme forms a coherent whole.
  • The programme stimulates active study behaviour, is challenging and varied.
  • The acquisition, utilisation and integration of knowledge and skills occur in a context that is relevant for later professional positions and duties.
  • Within the teaching programme, systematic and explicit focus is placed on academic progress and personal development.
  • Control of the learning process is gradually handed over to the students themselves.
  • The programme allows students scope to make their own choices and create individual study programmes and work profiles.
  • There is a balanced system of support, assessment and examination that takes the corrective effect of testing into account.

More detailed descriptions of the Department’s approach to teaching, such as problem- and project-based learning, are available in PDF format. The basic principles underlying our teaching are also described in the Curriculum Blueprint.