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Master's programmes

For graduates with an appropriate Bachelor’s degree (either from a university or a Dutch University of Applied Sciences), we offer a broad range of four international two-year Master’s programmes, as well as a Master’s programme in Science Education and Communication, for those who wish to enter the teaching profession.

Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence Master’s programme offers a unique integrated and modern approach from the viewpoints of informatics, logic, cognition, psychology, philosophy and linguistics.

Business Informatics

The Master's programme in Business Informatics combines theory, methods and techniques of the business and organisational domain within the area of information and computer science.

Computing Science

The Master's programme Computing Science provides students with a strong foundation in the concepts, analysis techniques, and design methods underlying the development of modern information and software systems.

Game and Media Technology

The Game and Media Technology Master’s programme focuses on the technological aspects of gaming and multimedia in the context of computer science.

Science Education and Communication

There is a strong need in society for professionals who can bridge the gap between science and the public, both in formal education, and in informal settings. 

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