Collaboration: Contact

Progress and collaboration go hand in hand for the Department of Information and Computing Sciences. We therefore put extra effort in both creating and being open to research opportunities with partners. We are always open to meet and investigate possibilities from a specific (scientific) question, or to evaluate new ideas and opportunities for collaboration.

It comes without saying that to us, the scientific content and challenges are leading when considering our involvement in collaborations. Our goal, however, is always to produce fruitful (though critically and thoroughly examined) results for all partners.

Collaborating with Students

For a software- and gamepoject, please contact Hieke Keuning ( or Gerard Wagenaar (

Collaborating with Researchers

To explore possibilities for collaboration with our researchers, please contact Ayla Kruis.

If you wish to write an application for an NWO or EU grant, please contact Ayla Kruis.

You can also contact Judith Masthoff, our research director.

Information for Visitors

More information for visitors can be found at the contact page of the department of Information and Computing Sciences.