Sharing knowledge

Deelnemers graven in een klein achtertuintje
Archaeologist Saskia Stevens joined Heerlen residents in search of remains from the Roman period

We make in-depth contributions - often in close cooperation with civil society organisations and partners - to debates on current social developments by showing how similar processes took place in the past and how the present has been shaped by that past.

The causes and dynamics of war and violence, increasing inequality and polarisation, historical and new forms of citizenship, religious diversity, climate change, the handling of cultural heritage and the formation of identities, and transcultural dimensions of art and architecture are examples of themes we focus on. Research on these topics provides scholarly depth and innovation, but also contributes to contemporary debates on political and socio-economic challenges, culture and international relations. 

Closer to society

Our department has a rich history of engaging with, and having an impact on, society. The question ‘how do we bring academia and society closer together?’ inspired the first edition of the GKG Impact Magazine, in which eight colleagues reflect on their inspiring projects and share their best practices.

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Contact us

  • Want to explore how you can collaborate with us? If so, please contact impact developers Dr Lauren Gould and Dr Saskia Stevens.
  • If you are interested in opportunities to have research conducted by Utrecht researchers, please contact contract research coordinator Dr Joost Dankers.
  • If you would also like to speak to an expert, you can of course look for a staff member yourself, or contact press communication


Our historians and art historians participate in Utrecht University's strategic themes and in faculty and university networks collaborating with academic and non-academic partners: