E.g., 04/25/2017
Thursday 18 May 2017 15:15 to 17:00
Lecture by Kees Veelenturf with the title 'Enter the Protagonist, The earliest depictions of Christ from the Low Countries'.
Friday 16 June 2017 14:30 to 15:45
In his dissertation Simon Groot follows the traces of work and life of Amersfoort musician Joannes Tollius (ca. 1555-ca. 1620), who was successful in Europe.
Monday 3 July 2017 to Wednesday 5 July 2017
From 3-5 July 2017, the Faculty of Humanities will host the fourth Digital Humanities Benelux conference.
Monday 10 July 2017 16:00 to Friday 14 July 2017 19:00
The XVI Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC) takes place in Utrecht in 2017.
Saturday 7 April 2018
On 7 April 2018 SIB-Utrecht organises the conference 'A Struggle for Peace. Borders: borders of knowledge, identity and power'.


Various lectures and seminars are organised at the history department in which (international) speakers present and exchange ideas on history topics: