Europe has traditionally played an important role in world history and still holds a special attraction as a model.

Bachelor’s degree programme

The Bachelor’s programmes in History and Art History both offer a broad-based, all-round introduction to their respective fields, with a focus on Europe and on societal factors. Within this programme, students can select themes to study in greater depth, such as the state and citizenship, globalisation and imperialism, communication, knowledge and culture, and the modern world.

Master’s degree programme

The areas in which Master’s students specialise include international relations, conflict areas, medieval written culture, criticism of art, and national heritage. Others carry out research into financial markets or religious iconography before the 16th century.

Courses for exchange students

The Faculty of Humanities offers a large selection of courses that are open to international exchange students. Please visit the International Office website for more information.

Below you can find a list of all the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Minor programmes in History and Art History, and our Summer School courses and tracks in History.