About us

Within the Department of History and Art History, we develop knowledge to better understand the past and to contextualise, analyse and interpret the challenges of contemporary society. We make in-depth contributions - in close cooperation with civil society organisations and our students - to debates on sustainability and climate, the future of democracy, war, migration, digitalisation and the role of knowledge and expertise in open societies.

Strategic development plan

For the period to 2025, we are committed to 5 ambitions:

  1. Ensure the freedom and independence of academic research.
  2. Building on the societal engagement and impact of our research.
  3. Strengthen the functioning of the department and the well-being of staff and students.
  4. Supporting students in their development into independent and critical citizens and preparing them optimally for a wide range of career opportunities in their future lives.
  5. Give concrete expression to our ‘broad’ concept of diversity.