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Curriculum coordinators

Departmental Advisory Committee (DAC)

Education Advisory Committee

Education Advisory Committee Nanomaterials

  • S. (Stan) de Peinder, dr. F. (Florian) Meirer

    Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis
  • L.M. (Lisanne) Blom, dr. P. (Peter) Ngene

    Materials Chemistry and Catalysis
  • I. (Inge) de Bruin, dr. Z. (Zeila) Zanolli

    Condensed Matter and Interfaces
  • M.L.A. (Marije) Hilberts), dr. A. (Arnaud) Thevenon-Kozub

    Organic Chemistry and Catalysis
  • F.E. (Ffion) van Steenvoorden, dr. B.H. (Ben) Erné (chair)

    Physical and Colloid Chemistry
  • J.A. (Jet) Glaudemans

    Student Executive Board member