Staff of the Department of Chemistry teach the Bachelor’s programme in Chemistry, Bachelor's programma Molecular and Biophysical Life Sciences and the Master's programmes Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences, Nanomaterials Science and Sustainable and Circular Chemistry.


The Bachelor’s programme in Chemistry is organised by the Chemistry Teaching Institute (see also Organisation). Master education is organised by the Graduate Schools. The organisation of the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes is supported by the Science Faculty’s Student & Academic Services.  


The Department of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science offers a Bachelor’s programme in Chemistry that provides those with an appropriate background (e.g., science specialisation at school) an excellent, broad-based education in Chemistry. The programme enables you to proceed after graduation to a Master’s programme, either here or at another university. It also provides a sound basis for embarking on a career directly after graduation. The Bachelor’s programme trains you to think and act as a chemist and a scientist at graduate level, and to understand the importance of acting responsibly in this field. The programme offers not only the necessary theoretical foundation, but also provides intensive practical training, enabling you to experience at first hand the relevance of theoretical concepts.

The Bachelor’s programmes at Utrecht University offer students a wide variety of options, as well as clear, sensible guidance in making the right choices. The Chemistry programmes at this university were judged by students to be the best in the Netherlands, and the Bachelor’s programme was ranked by De Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs as one of the best at Utrecht University (sixth place). The atmosphere in the Chemistry programmes is informal, and staff and students mix easily.

Molecular and Biophysical Life Sciences

Molecular and Biophysical Life Sciences (MBLS) was started in Utrecht in September 2021. In addition to MBLS specific courses, you take courses together with chemistry, biology and pharmacy students. With this program you can enroll in a master's program at the UU or another university.


For graduates with a first degree in Chemistry, the Faculty of Science offers a number of international Master’s programmes, which together cover a wide field, from Materials Sciences (Nanomaterials Science and Sustainable and Circular Chemistry), Energy Sciences (Energy Science and Sustainable Development) to Life Sciences (Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences and Drug Innovation) and Applied Sciences (Science Education and Communication).  

The Department provides Master’s students with excellent research facilities and the opportunity to work alongside internationally active researchers on cutting-edge research.

Student association

The Utrecht Association of Chemistry Students Proton organizes activities and events for our students to improve social bonds between its members. They organize the sale of books and readers and the members play an active role in representative advisory boards.

Chemistry at school

Read more about our activities for secondary education (VWO) on the Dutch website.