Education Advisory Committee

The Education Advisory Committee monitors the quality of teaching in the Biology programme, advising the Programme Management on the development and implementation of education policy. The members of the Education Advisory Committee regularly participate in development teams involved in the renewal of specific parts of the programme. 

Members of the Education Advisory Committee 2017-2018:

Chair: Martijn van Zanten (staff)
Vice-chair: Lucia Jonckers Nieboer (student) 

Staff members: 

  • Jan Bogerd
  • Ronnie de Jonge
  • Elly Langewis
  • Luis Lugones
  • Kirsten ten Tusscher

Student members:

  • Rachel Wennink (student Biology)
  • Kees Blijleven (student Biology)
  • Remy Muts (student MLS)
  • Bas van der Meer (student Biology)
  • Julia Staats (student Biology)

Advisory members:

  • Isolde den Tonkelaar (study advisor)
  • Bas van Mekel (student member of the board)

Members Educational Committee Undergraduate School:

Docent: Martijn van Zanten

Student: Lucia Jonckers Nieboer  

Minutes secretary: Annemarie Stavorinus
Contact: chair