Departmental Advisory Committee

The Departmental Advisory Committee is the advisory organ of the Department. Any changes that the Board of the Department wishes to introduce must first be presented to the committee, which then gives its recommendations regarding these proposals.

The agreement of the committee is required for certain policy matters and documents before they become valid. The committee also advises the Board of the Department (requested or not) on current issues.

The committee is made up of four student members and four staff members.


Mike Boxem

Staff members:

Harold MacGillavry
Robin A. Ohm
Suzan Ruijtenberg
Natasha Snel (minutes)

Student members:

Ids Jaarsma
Vyanjan Tedjai
Levi Stinis
Puck Engelbarts

Staff member on the Board of the Faculty of Science: Suzan Ruijtenberg
Student member on the Board of the Faculty of Science: Ids Jaarsma