Copyright: Image Circus by Michael de Louw

Festival deBeschaving is a festival of discovery featuring music, a creative field programme and the latest insights from science. On Saturday, 27 June 2015, the doors of the Botanical Gardens opened once again for creative spirits, inquisitive minds and smart brains. Utrecht University and University Medical Center Utrecht are partners of the festival deBeschaving.

Scientific programme 'Cirque de la science'

UU and UMCU also joined forces to organise the scientific programme ‘Cirque de la Science’. This part of the festival is a challenging blend of knowledge and culture, from up-and-coming talent and cutting-edge scientists. 

Visitors are all part of giant-experiment

Young, old, large, small, men and women, where else would you find a more diverse researchgroup? Game-scientists will be analysing the crowd: how do they behave, what choices do they make, while the festivalvisitors bathe in the sun, drink beers and listen to the bands? All visitors at deBeschaving are joining a huge experiment. More about this can be read in DUB (available in Dutch only).

In 2015, the deBeschaving Festival site was part of the Tour de France Grand Départ.

Aftermovie festival deBeschaving 2015