Taking pictures or recording video on university grounds

Anyone who wants to make videos or photographs in the buildings and/or on the grounds of Utrecht University, such as Utrecht Science Park, is required to obtain permission in advance. The application will be considered:

  • For the press;

  • For non-journalistic productions on research, education and/or policy of Utrecht University, or higher education and students in general.

The reason journalists too are asked to provide prior notification is because of the need to inform colleagues beforehand that they could come into contact with the media in their work environment. On top of that, many cases require examination whether or not recording activities can interfere with education and research activities, and whether or not space is available.

For commercial and/or political applications, such as advertising, the principle is that these are not approved.

Recordings for other purposes

  • For requests involving the Pandhof, like for wedding photos, the principle is that the Pandhof is opened daily from 10 am – 4 pm. During opening hours, visitors are free to make photographs for private use. For this purpose, photo sessions with animals and recordings made with drones are not permitted.

    If the weather is good, Utrecht University Hall also organises lunches and breaks in the Pandhof. Please consider crowdedness during those days. The Pandhof will be closed during some events; an overview of these dates can be found here.

  • Drone recordings within Utrecht Science Park will only be approved if the flight is meant to inspect and/or measure objects or terrain. This is because big parts of the area are in the so-called no-fly zone of the helipad of UMC Utrecht. Would you like to know more about the conditions for carrying out inspections and/or measurements of objects or terrain with a drone? If you do, please contact the Campus Management Department (campusbeheer@uu.nl).

How do I apply for permission?

  • Journalists and other external parties can contact the Press Office of Utrecht University via pressoffice@uu.nl.