The stationery of Utrecht University is preprinted with the colourised logo in the upper left corner. The letter can be printed on it in black and white.

There are 5 Word templates:

1 Download template without logo
2 Download template with Dutch logo
3 Download template with Dutch logo, without formatting
4 Download template with English logo
5 Download template with English logo, without formatting

Font and size

Preferred font is Open Sans, if it is not available in you Office package then Arial is the substitute font. Preferably use 9-10pt font size for the main text.

Ordering preprinted stationery and envelopes

Stationery and envelopes can be ordered from the Secretariat of your department. The Secretariat will immediately place the order directly on the order site of the supplier. If you are a Secretariat employee who orders for the first time, you will first have to apply for an account with your demand manager. Ordering pre-printed stationery and envelopes is done via Canon Webshop.

Letters for the Executive Board

Letters that are to be presented to the Executive Board are printed on preprinted stationery.