Learning by Doing CBR

‘Doing community-based research in the humanities: Knowledge for Society’ This interdisciplinary course introduces humanities students to principles of community-based research and helps them put these into practice in the city of Utrecht and environs. The students each prepare a proposal for a project to be carried out as an internship or bachelor thesis project.

Students learn how to function as independent and autonomous humanities specialists, while making the outcomes of the work meaningful for society. Students practice skills like multidisciplinary cooperation, engaging and collaborating with stakeholders, cultural entrepreneurship, determining purpose of research and its questions, presenting and reporting for different audiences, adhering to ethical codes of conduct, budgeting and time management.

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The course is offered by TCS department and the School of Liberal Arts. Students can also become engaged in 'Knowledge for Society' by taking part in ‘Humanities in professional practice – internship minor’, offered by the TCS Programme. The languages of instruction are both Dutch and English.

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