Strategic alliance between Utrecht University, UMC Utrecht and TU Eindhoven

Utrecht University has alliances with other Dutch universities in a diverse range of areas. Academics in the Humanities Faculty, for example, work together with the University of Amsterdam, especially in the areas of Media, Culture and Languages. Veterinary Medicine has an alliance with Wageningen UR. In 2011, the University entered into a strategic alliance with Eindhoven University of Technology (TU Eindhoven). 


Since 2011, Utrecht University, University Medical Center Utrecht and TU Eindhoven have formed a strategic alliance. This strengthens the existing links in research, education and knowledge valorisation. The focus is on sustainable energy, medical imaging and regenerative medicine. The joint Master's programme in Regenerative Medicine and Technology combines biomedical science with technology. SUMMA tech is a training programme for doctors/researchers who have an affinity for technology.

In alliance with TU Eindhoven, Utrecht University also appointed Professor Keita Ito as Professor of Mechanobiology in Orthopaedic Regenerative Medicine at University Medical Center Utrecht.

The Eindhoven-Utrecht Science and Technology Student Award was canceled in March 2016.

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