Classy Salon #3: Cody Hochstenbach on the Housing Crisis, Class, and Students

The third Class-Conscious Academics Network salon  took place on April 14th, 2022 at CafĂ© de Tussentijd. Dr. Cody Hochstenbach (Postdoc Urban Geographies, UvA) gave a talk based on his recently published and already very popular book 'Uitgewoond', on the political ideologies and structures behind the housing crisis in the Netherlands.

In his talk, Hochstenbach focused in particular on the effects of the housing crisis on working-class people (e.g. being pushed out of areas and being uprooted) and on difficulties for students from lower socio-economic backgrounds (e.g. with finding affordable accommodation, necessitating them to continue living at home and missing out on important developmental experiences and social connections). After an enlightening talk there was a vibrant Q&A and discussion, moderated by Paul Mepschen and Jeroen Rijnders.

As always, the salon continued with drinks where everyone had a chance to talk further and meet fellow first-gen and working-class students and academics as well as other wonderful people.

Cody Hochstenbach speaking.
Cody Hochstenbach speaking.
Audience listening to the talk.
Cody Hochstenbach (2021) Uitgewoond: Waarom het hoog tijd is voor een nieuwe woonpolitiek.