CCAN's Classy Salon #4: Where Precarity and Class meet in Academia (with 0.7, Casual Academy, and Marijn Scholte)

The fourth Class-Conscious Academics Network Classy Salon took place on 20th September, 2022 at Café de Tussentijd. This edition was organised together with action groups 0.7 and the Casual Academy to discuss precarious contracts in academia and how this relates to class issues.

The salon was a panel discussion on this precarious system, what it is like, its problems, and the way forward. Being a classy salon, we especially focused on how precarious labour conditions particularly affect young academics from working-class backgrounds, for whom the low wages and lack of job security can be even more harmful. The panel consisted of:

As always, after an interesting discussion and some great Q&A with the audience, we all enjoyed a drink together afterwards to talk more about it all and get to know each other!

(left to right: Marijn Scholten, Dick Zijp, Diantha Vliet, Jeroen Rijnders, and Lotje Siffels)