The societal impact of the Humanities

The Centre for the Humanities (CfH) focuses on the societal impact of research and education within the Humanities. As a discussion platform, facilitator and catalyst, the CfH wants to relate innovative research activities to broader societal impact, and fulfil the role of intermediary between the faculty community and the city and region. With a diverse programme, the CfH focuses in the period 2017/2019 on the main topic Impact. In addition, the CfH also contributes to the strategic pillar of the Utrecht University: diversity.


5 January 2016
'The Update' highlights the CfH's accomplishments in 2015.
Aan de andere Kant van de vrede
4 January 2016
This book lets children explore who Immanuel Kant was and what he has written about peace.
Prof. dr. Wiljan van den Akker - Foto: Vincent Mentzel
21 December 2015
As of 1 September 2016, Wiljan van den Akker will succeed Rosi Braidotti, who has been the director of the CfH for 8 years.