Visiting Fellows

CfH Visiting Fellows programme

Every year, the CfH invites a number of either noteworthy or important academics or societal players from the Netherlands and abroad based on recommendations made by the research institutes of the Faculty of Humanities. Fellows are involved in a wide range of activities, including teaching, giving research seminars, organising expert meetings, giving master classes and giving public lectures for a broad audience. The CfH programme focuses on increasing the societal impact of humanities research as widely as possible. Visiting Fellows are expected to enhance to this focus, for instance because their research is related to cultural activities or addresses contemporary social challenges.

CfH Visiting Fellows in 2017 & 2018

Prof. Antonella Sorace
Prof. Antonella Sorace, source:

In April through June 2018, UiLOTS research institute welcomes Antonella Sorace, professor of Development Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh. Sorace is a widely appreciated linguist, especially recognised for her work on the topic of bilingualism. She is committed to disseminating the findings of her research on bilingualism outside academia. She is the founding director of the information and consultancy centre Bilingualism Matters and was awarded a Beltane Fellowship for Public Engagement. More information about Antonella Sorace. Sorace will be giving guest lectures to Bachelor's students. A research seminar will be held on her work and she will also be giving a public lecture.

Prof. Andrew Pettegree
Prof. Andrew Pettegree, source:

In March and April 2018, the ICON research institute is hoping to welcome Andrew Pettegree, professor of Modern History at the University Saint-Andrews, Scotland. Pettegree is a renowned expert on the history of the book in the Early Modern era, the Reformation and on the history of the development of news. Pettegree's activities in Utrecht will include conducting research for his new book entitled Trading Books in the Age of Rembrandt (appearing in 2018). More information about Andrew Pettgree. Pettegree will be giving a master class for Research Master's and PhD students, as well as an expert meeting and a public lecture.

Prof. Annette Vowinckel
Prof. Annette Vowinckel, source:

The Research Institute for History and Art History hopes to welcome Professor Annette Vowinckel in early January 2018. Vowinckel is an internationally recognised scholar specialised in the history of modern media and culture. She is currently a researcher at the Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung in Potsdam, where she directs the Media History research group, and professor in Modern and Contemporary History at the Humboldt University in Berlin. More information about Annette Vowinckel. Vowinckel will lecture to Bachelor's and Master's students and give a research tutorial for Master's students, which will also be open to students from other departments. In addition, she will present her current research in a seminar on the theme of ‘New Directions in Visual Culture’.

Jolanda Vanderwal Taylor
Jolanda Vanderwal Taylor PhD

 Until the end of 2017, Jolanda Vanderwal Taylor, PhD is visiting scholar at the Centre for the Humanities and visiting educator at the School of Liberal Arts, where she will contribute to the broadly oriented Bachelor's programmes in Language and Cultural Studies and in Liberal Arts en Sciences. Read more about Jolanda Vanderwal Taylor's visit.

Dorita Hannah
Prof. Dorita Hannah
Prof. dr. Dorita Hannah

Prof. Dorita Hannah was the Centre for the Humanities SPRING Festival Fellow 2017. Hannah is research professor of Interdisciplinary Architecture, Art & Design at the University of Tasmania and deputy professor of Stage & Space at Aalto University in Finland. She specialises in theatre architecture and the design of cultural venues and public spaces. She also creates dance-architecture events and performative installations. Read more about Hannah's visit as SPRING Festival Fellow this last May. 

Information for members of staff

Once every calendar year there is a call for new Visiting Fellows. In 2018, the next call will go out to Visiting Fellows for 2019. More information about the application procedure and conditions will be published on the website and the intranet somewhere in the course of 2018.