During entrepreneurship day we will have four different workshops to get into more depth on entrepreneurship. In the workshops you will get to know entrepreneurs from the field and learn from them first hand what it takes to be an entrepreneur. 

Business Incubation

Starting your own business is not always easy and it can be overwhelming: Where do you start? How do you form a team? Where do you find customers? Do I have to write a business plan? With this workshop by university incubator UtrechtInc you will get into all the aspects of what it takes to set up a successful company. UtrechtInc is one of the top 10 global university business incubator so after this workshop you will sure be inspired to take the entrepreneurial path!

Cultural and Creative Crowdfunding

Do you want to become active in the creative sector? Do you want to be an artist, cultural practitioner, - researcher, - designer or - programmer? Are you interested in financing a (future) project with crowdfunding or do you want to learn more about crowdfunding in general? Voordekunst is the platform for crowdfunding in the creative sector. One of their main objectives is to stimulate entrepreneurship among creative initiators and cultural institutions. During this workshop Voordekunst will show you what makes a successful crowdfunding campaign, how you can start your own and why crowdfunding is such an important way of financing in this day. You will leave the workshop with your own crowdfunding canvas and enough inspiration to fill it out and get started! 

Life Sciences and Health

The workshop Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences and Health is offered by NLC. NLC is the European healthtech venture builder, bringing science-based healthtech inventions to life. The company was founded based on one simple observation: due to market complexities and fragmentation at least  95 % of healthtech inventions never reach society, regardless of their relevance or brilliance. In this workshop they will offer you hands-on information about how to launch a new product on the market, what this market looks like and who the stakeholders are. If you are a student interested in Life Sciences and Health and wanting to change healthcare with innovations then this is the workshop for you!

Social Entrepreneurship

Just like any other company, a social enterprise provides a product or service and has a revenue model. However, earning money is not the main goal, it is a means to achieve the mission. The aim of the social enterprise is to create social added value, also known as 'impact'. Social Impact Factory brings together independent entrepreneurs, startups, scale-ups and large organisations to create this impact. In this workshop they will show you what the added value is of co-creation in realising your social mission.