Entrepreneurship for bachelor students

Find all the courses Utrecht University has to offer for bachelor students as well as entrepreneurship minor programmes. 



Essentials of Entrepreneurship is the first course of the entrepreneurship minors and open as an elective course to students from all faculties.

Below you can find an overview of the bachelor courses related to entrepreneurship offered per faculty. Please look for the course that appeals to you and fits within your study path. If you are interested in one of these courses, check the  Osiris course catalogue for the entry requirements and the course descriptions. Contact the course coordinator to receive more information.


Management Life Sciences innovaties - GEO3-2220

Management of Innovation Processes - GEO3-2221

Sustainability, Health and Medical Technology - GEO3-2266


Creative Urban Technologies: Exploring and Navigating the Smart and Social City - ME2V15008

The City as Stage: Critical Interventions in Public Space - ME3V15006

The Mobile, the Social, and the Urban: The Myth and Messiness of Connectivity - MCMV16046

Onderzoek buiten de universiteit: GW- projecten bij bedrijven, overheden of non-profit organisaties - TC3V17001

Mec-Kunsten, media en beleid - ME3V15008

Practicum Nieuwe media I: Utrecht, Data School - ME3V16001

Practicum Nieuwe media II: Utrecht, Data School - ME3V16002

Law, Economics and Governance

Essentials of Entrepreneurship - EC2EBE

Internship Entrepreneurship and Innovation - ECB2IEI

Venture Marketing - EC3VM

Venture Finance - EC3VF

Corporate Entrepreneurship - ECB3CEI

Market Dynamics and Corporate Innovation - ECB3DSM 

Actieleren met impact - USG4151

Social Entrepreneurship / Sociaal ondernemerschap als uitdaging - USG4240

Maatschappelijke innovatie - USG4290


Business in the Life Sciences - BMW30705

Co-create: life’s professional challenges - BMB503717


Strategisch management van organisaties en ICT - INFOB3SMI

Beta in Bedrijf en Beleid - BETA-B2BBB

Wetenschapper in advies - B-B3WEAD09

Wetenschapper in beleid - B-B3WBEL09

Life sciences and health informatics - INFOB3LSHI