Co-curricular entrepreneurship initiatives

Utrecht University is full of entrepreneurial minds and has plenty of opportunities for students to develop their entrepreneurial potential. On this page we provide an overview of possibilities student organisation, programmes, coworking places, incubators and events. Take a look and be inspired! 

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Extracurricular programmes
The co-challenge is an initiative of the Graduate School of Life Sciences and Career Services in cooperation with the City of Utrecht.

Winterschool: During the Winterschool in the lecture-free week teachers from Utrecht University, experienced entrepreneurs and inspirational mentors will guide you through the first steps of setting up an impactful business or organisation in just four days.

Co-challenge: Two week elective course where students work on a relevant social case commissioned by the Municipality of Utrecht and at the same time develop their professional skills.

Utrecht University Business Course: The Utrecht University Business Course is a student-led honours programme where 30 of Utrecht University's best students learn about entrepeneurship and consultancy. 

Avicenna Excellence Program: Extracurricular programme for high potential master and PhD students. Central to the programme is innovation in healthcare through interdisciplinary collaboration.

Summerschool Utrecht: Offers courses on Social Entrepreneurship, Strategic Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Marketing and Theory and Practice of Entrepreneurship. These course can also be followed together as one Entrepreneurship track.

Student organisations
Enactus Utrecht
Enactus is the student organisation for students interested in social entrepreneurship.

UtrechtInc Students: The the hub for students at UU who are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Enactus: Enactus Utrecht is the student organisation for social and sustainable entrepreneurship in Utrecht. 

DenkLAS: DenkLAS is a think tank in which Liberal Arts and Sciences students and alumni of Utrecht University help companies solve complex issues. 

Advident: Connects beta students with organisations to use their knowledge to solve real world challenges.

Shift Innovation: Consultancy company, founded and run by students from the study Natural Science and Innovation Management at Utrecht University.

Events and challenges
Students at Avicenna Hackathon

Entrepreneurship Day: Yearly event with inspiring talks and workshops to show you what entrepreneurship is all about and how you can get involved.

Avicenna Hackathon: Health hackathon combining expertise of students, patients, health professionals and IT-professionals, this hackathon will stimulate novel ideas that will generate impulses towards healthcare innovation.

Ureka Mega Challenge: anyone with a good idea for improving healthcare can apply for the Ureka Mega Challenge by UMC Utrecht. Based on content, appearance and personality a professional jury of Dragons selects four finalists who get the opportunity to develop the idea further. 

Incubators and co-working
Co-working in UtrechtInc's Garage.

UtrechtInc: Your business starts at UtrechtInc! The University incubator offers you tailored support: from training courses and potential co-founders, to an intensive programme with financing, mentors, master classes, and feedback from fellow entrepreneurs. Or you can co-work in the Garage.

Netherware: The goal of Netherware is to enable student entrepreneurship in the ICT industry. Students can come with any idea for a product or service company, and elaborate this into a prototype with a business plan for a startup.

Social Impact Factory: The place in Utrecht for Social Entrepreneurs offering workshops, challenges and programmes to help you grow your impact.

StudentsInc: At the workstations at StudentsInc you work on your company or idea.

Graduate Space Utrecht: The logical landing site for startups and scale-ups that originated from the different incubator and accelerator programs in Utrecht.