Entrepreneurship for students

As a student you might want to explore your entrepreneurial side, but don't know where to begin. Below we have listed several options for bachelor- and master students, but also co-curriculair activities and what to do when you already have an idea for your own business. 

What is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is not only about starting your own business. It is the capacity to be creative and innovative, act upon opportunities and ideas in order to transform them into value for others. It means being able to drive change, to create new possibilities and improve the world we live in by taking on societal challenges of all kinds. Take a look under success stories to get inspired by entrepreneurial stories from students and alumni. 

Students board

UtrechtInc Students Board

You can also contact our student board: UtrechtInc Students. They are more than committed to help enterprising students on their way and organise activities for students.


As a Bachelor student you can think about taking one of the minors on entrepreneurship. The minors entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship are open for students from all faculties. Utrecht University also offers a minor entrepreneurship in life sciences and health. Most courses in the minors can also be taken seperately. 

All bachelor programmes offer different courses on entrepreneurship. Contact us to see what the possibilities are in your programme, or look under co-curriculair what the options are for activities next to your programme. 


There are several Master programmes on entrepreneurship. 

Do you want to get more out of your Master's programme and learn to work across disciplinary boundaries? Take a look at Young Innovators, an honours programme were you learn about personal leadership, social innovation and being an impact community. 


Are you looking for an extra challenge? There are several student initiatives to boost your entrepreneurial side:

  • UtrechtInc. Students: an active group of talents making entrepreneurship more accessible for students in Utrecht
  • Enactus: the student platform for social entrepreneurship
  • Utrecht University Business Course: a yearly student-led honours programme that aims to bring students closer to real working experience by teaching them about consultancy and entrepreneurship.
  • Utrecht University's student's website offers an overview on community engagement activities, for example through voluntary work, but also politics, entrepreneurship and sustainability.
Starting your own business

Do you already have ideas for your own business venture? These organisations might be able to help you. 

  • UtrechtInc. supports scientists and entrepreneurs in successfully starting a business around their innovation. The startup incubator empowers them by offering access to funding, mentors, experts, a startup community, a co-working space, offices, young talent, co-founders and masterclasses.
  • StudentsInc. is the place where students of Utrecht University and University of Applied Sciences Utrecht can set up a business next to and during their studies, where they can accentuate their entrepreneurial knowledge and hone their skills by providing them courses, professional coaching, workspaces and a (student)startup community.
  • Startup Utrecht is founded to boost the Utrecht Startup ecosystem and can help you find the right place for you and your company.