New Common Room* for UU students in the Utrecht Science Park

Moodboard huiskamer USP
Moodboard of what the interior and exterior of the Common Room will look like.

A new common room for UU students will open at the start of the summer in 2022 in the Utrecht Science Park. In front of the Koningsberger building, on the same spot as the old Vagant, a new space will be available for spontaneous meetings and organised events. Meanwhile, the tender for the building has been completed.  

The new common room will be built by contractor Buko and will have a look similar to a beach house; lots of wood and a relaxed atmosphere! It will be the place to relax and come together in the Utrecht Science Park. Study associations can organise their activities, but the common room is built explicitly for all UU students. The common room will cover approximately 300m2, divided into two areas that can be used together or separately. It will be able to accommodate around 200 people.

If everything goes according to plan, the building process will be finished at the end of May. After that the living room can be decorated and furnished. We hope to start using it before the summer holidays. At the moment it is not yet possible to make reservations for activities. More information will follow later.

Development together with students

But before that happens, we need to think about the furniture, the floor, the colour of the outside wall and how we will decorate the outside space. We will do this together with a delegation of students. Do you want to participate? Then please sign up for an input session on 8 March between 5 and 6 pm. Click here to register.

Wanted: students for Living Room committee

We will also discuss the management of the location, because we want a good balance between organised activities and space for spontaneous meetings.

Would you like to contribute to making the living room a success this and/or next academic year? We are looking for a six-member committee to help make this location a success. Interested? Check out the vacancy in the vacancies section and respond before 16 March.

Student wellbeing

As Utrecht University, we want to make sure students feel welcome and at home in their studies and at the university. In these times of corona, this is an extra challenge. With the National Education Programme of the Dutch government, the university receives money to help repair deficits among students caused by corona, both academically and socially. That is why this living room is largely financed by NPO funds. 

Outdoor living room at Botanical Gardens to open soon

To bridge the construction period of the new living room, the Botanical Gardens will open its doors for students from 1 April until 30 June: The Buitenhuiskamer. As a UU student, you can come here for spontaneous meetings and organised activities. Check the website for more information.

*project name; we will soon collect your suggestions for the final name