‘Banga list’ USC

Members of the Utrechtsch Studenten Corps (USC) have made that a so-called 'banga list', listing female students by name, personal details and address, as well as sexually assessing them. This page compiles news items from UU and answers some frequently asked questions. 

"What happened exceeds the limits of what is permissible. We are an inclusive university, where all our students should feel safe," said UU rector magnificus Henk Kummeling. Providing care and support to the victims is the top priority. Utrecht University and Hogeschool Utrecht are also closely monitoring how the USC administration is taking steps to improve social safety at USC.

Frequently asked questions

Talking to someone about inappropriate behaviour?

Staff and students who feel the need to talk to someone or report inappropriate behavior as a result of this message, can contact their student advisor, or the Confidential Advisors for Inappropriate Behavior by sending an e-mail to vertrouwenspersonen-ongewenstgedrag@uu.nl.

Unsure where to turn? Wherever you turn, we will think along who can help you best. Use the selection guide- talk, report or complain in confidence on uu.nl for this.