Sustainability in education & research

Photographer: Ivar Pel

Utrecht University wants all students to come into contact with sustainability issues, regardless of their field of study. Adapting curricula so that they are in line with this ambition will be a gradual process.

One example is the Environmental Law specialisation. In 2019, the content will be revised and the specialisation itself will be given a new title: ‘Law for a sustainable living environment’. The revamped specialisation will address questions such as: ‘which legal instruments can be used to make the Netherlands more climate proof’. The University is also developing new sustainability-related courses outside the regular degree programmes. In 2019, Utrecht University will organise a course on the law and the circular economy for the first time.

During the 2019 introduction week, the Copernicus Institute will be launching the Utrecht University Sustainability Game. The concept for this computer game was developed by senior lecturer Karin Rebel. Using the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) as building blocks, students from all faculties can learn about the major sustainability challenges of the 21st century in an accessible way.