Connecting education, research and business operations

Photographer: Steven Snoep

The University wants to maximise the use of its own knowledge when making its business operations more sustainable. After all, the University’s sustainability challenges are an opportunity for scientists and students to conduct research and put their knowledge into practice.

Much of the greenery on campus is grassland with a low ecological value. As such, in 2019 an interdisciplinary team at Utrecht University, including Professor Merel Soons, the Real Estate & Campus department and the Sustainability Programme Team, will draw up a plan to improve biodiversity on the campus.

The aim of the plan is to show how improving biodiversity can go hand in hand with education, business activity, arable farming and livestock farming. As part of this project, the University is collaborating with the regional partners Staatsbosbeheer (the forest management agency) and Landscape Heritage Utrecht. The plan may even become one of the selected regional Living Labs for the National Delta Plan for Biodiversity Recovery. This plan is a special initiative of Louise Vet (WUR), No. 1 on the 2018 Sustainable 100 list.