More sustainable driving

In 2018, the first electric car in university colours drove across the campus. This was the first step towards making Utrecht University’s vehicle fleet more sustainable. In total, the Corporate Office and faculties have 39 cars for research, security, first aid and transport.  

The University Facilities Service Centre started exchanging petrol cars for electric ones in 2018. This project will be completed in 2019 and 2020. For larger vehicles such as vans, a sustainable alternative has yet to be found.

“It’s a great drive!” says Marcel Boer of the Security & Fire Safety department about the new Volkswagen Up. He uses the car to reach the scene of an emergency as quickly as possible. “We would have preferred a Tesla,” he says with a grin, “but in the end we got an Up. And because you don’t have to switch gears at all, it feels as though you’re going faster than in an automatic. It is a pity that the car has a shorter range than Volkswagen had promised us.”

Let's Talk Sustainability
Listen here to Utrecht University’s podcast about electric cars and sustainable transport at the University with Jipke Detrie, Head of the Logistics department.

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