Expansion! The Green Office opens a new branch

In 2018, Green Office Utrecht opened an additional branch. The platform for the sustainable ideas of students and employees at the Utrecht Science Park now also has a Green Office branch at the Drift, next to the University Library.

“To our faculties, the activities of the Green Office often seemed quite remote,” says Martien Camphuis, General and Technical Services Account Manager at the Faculty of Humanities. “We wanted to do something about it by launching a pilot in the city centre.”

“This way, employees and students can literally pop in with their ideas and initiatives. I’ve already noticed that projects are starting to emerge and take shape, and that’s fantastic,” adds demand manager at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance, Elisa van Oostrum.

Daria Vaccari and Yana Mechielsen of the Green Office run the branch in the city centre: “Study Associations in the city centre told us that they wanted to do something about sustainability, but they didn’t know where to start. Now the Green Office also has a branch in the city centre to help them,” says Daria.