In Utrecht University's anniversary year 2011, the Utrecht University Fund supplemented the Utrecht Excellence Scholarships (UES) by raising money from alumni for three interesting university projects that were not eligible for University funding but still considered to be valuable. The response to this initiative was extremely positive and the result exceeded expectations, prompting the Utrecht University Fund to establish an annual "Funding the Future" alumni donation campaign. Now, alumni are invited on an annual basis to contribute financially to four University projects, always including the UES.

Here is a list of projects for which funds have been raised since 2011:

Gaming for a sustainable world

Stimulate energy-conscious behaviour for a sustainable world by gaming.

Uncovering the history beneath the Janskerkhof

Awakening the dormant history beneath the Janskerkhof.

Bringing to life the beauty of mathematics

Support the restoration of well-crafted geometrical models.

Give students the chance of a lifetime

Your contribution will help to bring seven more of the best international students to Utrecht to study.

Amount donated €12,000

Research by Nienke Endenburg into how the welfare of domestic animals and their elderly owners who live together in a care institute can be improved for the benefit of both.

Amount donated €20,000

Utrecht students, led by Leonard Rutgers, worked on an excavation authorised by the Vatican into the origins of contemporary society. Location: the monastery of Pope Gregory the Great in the Via Appia.

Amount donated €24,700

Research by Tim Boekhout van Solinge in the Amazon region into illegal tree-felling and related crimes and unlawful expropriation of agricultural land intended for soya.

Amount donated €18,500

Digitisation of the Utrecht Psalter.

Amount donated €14,828

Development of a Mindset Game for students with an autistic spectrum disorder.

Amount donated €20,000

Development of a polypill for the prevention of pre-eclampsia and hypertension in African mothers, by researcher Joyce Brown.

Amount donated €17,000

Online collection for the Utrecht University Museum: an interactive website for the University Museum's special collections.

Amount donated €10,000

Thesis series: ‘The best of the best’: publication and presentation of the best theses that are of relevance to wider society.

Amount donated €22,811

Bèta Excellent research traineeship: an inspirational research traineeship for the best school student in science.


The writing of a biography of Johanna Westerdijk, the Netherlands' first female professor.


The Golden Age Game.


From biomass to energy.