prof. dr. Merel Soons, hoogleraar Plantenverspreidingsecologie en Natuurbescherming, Universiteit Utrecht
Photo: Laura Dijkhuizen
"With our experimental grassland ecosystems, we are discovering how biodiversity can help reduce the effects of climate change"

Prof. Merel Soons, professor Plant Dispersal Ecology & Nature Conservation, Universiteit Utrecht

Since 2017 the Botanical Gardens of Utrecht University are part of a long term experiment: UU BioCliVE. The experiment uses 352 containers, each with 1000 litres of soil, to precisely construct grassland ecosystems that represent a gradient of biodiversity. This allows researchers to investigate the interaction between biodiversity and climate change in grasslands and ultimately build the ecosystem of the future. The project, unique in the world, is funded by capital funds such as the K.F. Hein Fund and donations from alumni for the annual campaign of 2019 of the Utrecht University Fund.

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