Funding applicants

Funding Applicants

Funding applicants may be split up into three categories, i.e.: student organisations; fraternities, sororities, et al.; and individuals

Student Organisations
Student organisations must be established for and governed by students. The organisation must also be listed with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) as an association or foundation. In case of doubt to the organisation's nature, the Utrecht University Fund may request the provision of the organisation's KvK number. Groups and commissions of student organisations are prohibited from requesting funding from the U-Fund; this must be done by the board of their organisation.

Number of request per annum:

  • Utrecht student organisations branded Utrecht University affiliated student organisations by Utrecht University may submit five funding requests per calendar year.
  • Utrecht student organisations that have not been branded Utrecht University affiliated student organisations by Utrecht University may submit one funding request per calendar year, provided the activity for which funding is sought is to take place in Utrecht and that a substantial number of its participants are expected to be Utrecht University students.

Fraternities, Sororities, et al.
The same requirements that apply to student organisations also apply to fraternities, sororities, et al. Activities by fraternities, sororities, et al. eligible for funding are:

  • Culture: a cultural activity may be eligible for funding if it is actively created by the organisation. E.g. musical performances or plays, etc. Cultural festivals may also be eligible for funding, provided the event doesn't seek to make a profit.
  • Lectures, debates, conferences: e.g.: political discussions or party leader debates.
  • Sports activities: sports activities organised by student organisations may be eligible to receive University Fund funding.

The individual applicant must be a student enrolled at Utrecht University. In case of doubt, the University Fund may request the provision of the student's proof of registration. Individual applicants may submit one request for each programme they are enrolled in. In this regard a Bachelor's and Master's programmes may be regarded as separate programmes.