Funding application

How to apply for funding

A funding request should meet the following formal requirements:

The applicant

  1. The funding applicant (both the individual as well as the student organisation) must be a Friend of the Utrecht University Fund.
  2. The applicant must be either an Utrecht University (UU) student or Utrecht University affiliated student organisation

The project plan

  1. Funding must be requested for activities under one of the funding categories .
  2. The request should point out why the project in question deserves to receive funding and why it should be deemed an addition to the academic development of students or to student life.
  3. The activity must, with the exception of study, music and sports trips, take place in Utrecht.
  4. A project must have multiple sources of income. The applicant must have a comprehensive financial plan balancing these multiple sources of income. The University Fund will only award funding to projects that have at least one other source of income. Other sources of income may be e.g.:
    a. a contribution made by the student organisation requesting funding;
    b. participant contributions/ticket sales;
    c. sponsoring;
    d. other funding awards.
  5. The guaranteed funding awarded must be spent on essential affairs, i.e. speakers, location, etc. The University Fund does not fund drinks, but is aware that these may feature as components of some of the activities that receive funding. The amount spent on drinks, lunches or dinners must be proportionate to the amount spent on essential affairs.
  6. A plan must be in place on how the organisation, having been awarded the funding requested, will promote the University Fund among its (former) members and participants. Promotional options are the following:
    a. online promotion on the event/organisation's website,
    b. publishing our standard advertisement for students of and associations,
    c. sending out our advertisement to student organisation members.
    d. including the University Fund logo on flyers/posters,
    e. including the University Fund logo on entry tickets to the event.
    Failure to meet the promotional requirements may result in a reduction of funding.
  7. The minimum funding amount requested is €100.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Applications should be submitted no less than eight weeks prior to commencement of the activity.
  2. The funding request must be applied for through our portal.
  3. Applications submitted must be complete.

Funding applications that do not meet the above requirements will not be considered.

See underlying pages for information on funding categories, funding applicants and the necessary downloads.