Funding for students

The University Fund supports student associations and individual students through offering €60,000 in annual funding. Funding requests are handled by the University Fund's student committee. Curious to see the projects that they have contributed to? Click here. Would you like to submit a funding request? Then click to visit the application procedure.

Apply for funding through our portal.

STUF 2019-2020

Student Committee - contact
We are open for consultation every Wednesday at the Bestuursgebouw between 3 and 5 pm, Heidelberglaan 8, room 0.26A. You may also contact us over the phone during these times: 030-2539628 or send an e-mail to: We process all funding requests and are always ready to answer any questions you might have.

The Utrecht University Fund
The Utrecht University Fund was set up in 1886 by alumni of Utrecht University with the aim of stimulating the university's growth and development. Almost 12,000 students, employees and alumni of Utrecht University annually donate money to the University Fund. Much of this money is distributed by the student commission as funding among Utrecht's students and student organisations Do you also think that it is important that you and your fellow students and have the means to organise activities for Utrecht's students? Then register now as a Friend and support our efforts!