Utrecht 1636 - Frequently asked questions

What is Utrecht 1636?

Utrecht 1636 is a group of loyal donors who annually donate at least € 500 to the general goals of the Utrecht University Fund or to one of the Named Funds through a periodic donation.

When was Utrecht 1636 founded?

The Utrecht 1636 network was launched in the Academiegebouw on 31 January 2019, during the presentation of the Agnites Vrolikprijs. 1636 refers to the founding year of Utrecht University.

How to become a member of Utrecht 1636?

If you want to join Utrecht 1636, we would like to welcome you in our network! Contact Caroline van de Beek MSc of the Utrecht University Fund and she will arrange your membership. She can be reached via c.a.vandebeek@uu.nl or +31 (0)6-28744114.

What type of recognition do the members of Utrecht 1636 receive?

In return for your commitment, you will be invited once a year. Your name will be mentioned with your approval. You will also receive the unique Utrecht 1636 pin

What causes are supported by Utrecht 1636 members?

You donate to the Utrecht University Fund, encouraging the academic and personal development of Utrecht students. You can also choose to have your contribution benefit one of the Named Funds under the Utrecht University Fund.

Is the sum of the donation of importance?

All donations, large and small, contribute to achieving our goals. Utrecht 1636 has a threshold amount of € 500 per year, so that specific goals can count on your contribution over a longer period.

Does membership also apply to spouses / partners?

Membership is strictly personal. Of course you can become a member together with your spouse or partner. In this case, the minimum contribution is € 1000 per year.

What is the benefit of a periodic donation?

If you donate to an ANBI registered foundation by means of a periodic gift, the gift may be deducted in the income tax.

Tax rate 38% 52% 38% 52% 38% 52%
You donate for at least 5 years  €500   €500   €1000   €1000   €5000   €5000 
You will receive annually  €190  €260   €380   €520  €1900  €2600
Net paid  €310   €240   €620   €480   €3100   €2400


Contact information

Utrecht 1636
Utrecht University Fund
t.a.v. Caroline van de Beek
Heidelberglaan 8
3584 CS Utrecht
The Netherlands

Postbus 80125
3508 TC Utrecht
The Netherlands

Email: c.a.vandebeek@uu.nl
Telephone: +31 (0)30 253 8025 / +31 (0)6 287 441 76