Funding the Future 2017

The Utrecht University fund supports extraordinary research at Utrecht University. Give a helping hand in making outstanding scientific research possible and become a supporter of one of the projects. Donate and share your involvement with others. All 100% of your donation will be allocated to the goal of your choice. Donate using iDeal or Paypal (in Dutch only) or visit our crowdfunding page.

For US citizens we have the option to donate through the KBFUS. Donations through their online giving center are tax deductible for U.S. tax purposes. 

Funding the Future projects 2017:

Fund talent
Geef om talent!

Your contribution will give six of the best foreign students the opportunity to study in Utrecht.


Fund academic heritage
Geef om academisch erfgoed!

Help to fully digitize a beautiful collection of maps

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Fund the bee population
Geef om de bijenstand!

Contribute to the construction of a bee stable in the Utrecht Botanic Gardens.

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Fund sustainability
Geef om duurzaamheid!

Help to continue Johanna Westerdijks mold research and to permanently display her work in the University Museum.

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