Collaborating in teaching

Groepje studenten werkt samen in computerleerzaal

Utrecht University collaborates intensively with many parties in matters relating to teaching and research. More about our partners.

The university is also in a number of partnerships specifically aimed at teaching:

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) and Utrecht University cooperate with each other in many different areas. The Study Counselling Centre organises workshops on study programme selection for students of Utrecht University and HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. In addition, Utrecht University students can simultaneously obtain their Bachelor's degree in Pedagogy as well as their teaching qualification for primary education by participating in the Academic Teacher Training Programme for Primary Education (academische lerarenopleiding primair onderwijs, ALPO).

Pre-Master's programme

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and Utrecht University have developed a number of joint pre-Master's programmes. These allow HU students to start a Master's programme at Utrecht University immediately after obtaining their higher professional education (HBO) diploma.

Erasmus+ Programme

The Erasmus + Programme strives to improve and promote the quality of European higher education. With this goal in mind, the programme encourages collaboration with higher education institutions in and outside the EU and awards grants to participants from non-EU/EEA countries.

Professionalisation of education institutes

Information about parts of the university which, together, seek to promote the professionalisation of education institutes of higher, secondary, and primary education.

Graduate School of Teaching

The Graduate School of Teaching organises teacher training courses and teaching minors in eighteen school subjects in close cooperation with schools.

U-Collaborate in Education

U-Collaborate in Education (UCE) creates an efficient and effective connection between the various parts of the internal educational organization with external alliances, networks, social organisations and companies. The UCE programme provides service to teachers who want to organise their education in close collaboration with external stakeholders.